2023–2024 Pleasure Show Dates

2023 Sundays; 11/05 & 12/10
2024 Sundays; 2/4, 3/3, 4/7, 5/5, 6/16(Rain Date)@ 8:00 am

Pleasure Show @ 9:00 am

Registration & Information

Ranch Riding Classes:

Ranch Conformation (follows Class 8)
Ranch Pleasure (follows Class 51)
Ranch Riding (follows Class 54)
Ranch Trail (follows Class 57)

We try to have the points up at least one week before the next show. If you notice a mistake in either your name, horses name, or points, please contact Pleasure Director – Dawn Watt , or Pleasure Points – McKenzie Watt.

Online Entries ARE Required:

Pleasure Show entries must be done online and received by the Monday before show WEEKEND.

2023-2024 Pleasure Show Rules

2022–2023 Pleasure Show Judges

Pleasure Judges

February 25

March 26

April 22

May 27

September 3rd
Cory wiygul


November 4th
Cindy Mergeart

December 10th
Chris Holbin

Feburary 4th
Sandy Curl

March 3rd
Jennifer sawyer

April 7th
Britt Snay

May 5th
Teresa Pelton

2023-2024 Pleasure Show Rules