2023- 2024 HUNTER/JUMPER

  1. PBP “BIG 25” RULES GOVERN ALL SHOWSUSEF rules will be guidelines for all PBP Hunter/Jumper Shows.
  2. Back numbers must be worn while mounted. Entering schooling ring or competing without a number or an incorrect number will result in loss of award and points. Class cards MUST have correct back number, riders full name, horse’s name for points to be credited.
  3. Riders may only move up 1 height per horse rider combination, 2’3″-2’6″, 2’6″-2’9″ and 2’9″-3′.
  4. No schooling equipment allowed while being judged in the Hunter Ring.
  5. A 60 second gate call WILL BE ENFORCED. Riders need to remain at ring after check-in.
  6. In ALL jumping classes a rider with three (3) refusals will be excused from that class.
  7. If a rider has ever shown at 2′ or higher, he/she may only ride in Short Stirrups or Long Stirrups unjudged.
  8. No ring equipment will be moved or changed after first rider completes course. Exception; broken, damaged or unsafe equipment. Re-ride without penalty allowed due to malfunction of the timer or other ring equipment.
  9. Riders 18 & under need to be accompanied by an Adult or Trainer while schooling or competing.
  10. No more than ten (10) horse/rider combinations in the schooling ring at any time. Ring steward may impose a time limit of 10 minutes for schooling. Flat work should be done outside of ring with jumps, when possible. Please school during the times designated for specific heights.
  11. Do not approach judges. If you have a question, please contact the H/J Director or a Board member.
  12. Rider/horse combination must show in all classes in a Division to be eligible for Grand and Reserve Daily or Year End.